Flexible, light, aesthetic and thin

The world's first flat solar panel

Asbigreen supplies Sunman Energy lightweight solar panel modules in any size. From the 2-cell to the 72-cell high-performance module: glass-free, lightweight, flexible, solid and extremely light.

During assembly, the modules can be adapted to the requirements on site. They are glued, riveted, screwed or mounted on the substructure using magnets or existing eyelets. This keeps the weight of the system extremely low and allows them to be mounted even on roofs or facades with difficult structural or physical conditions.

The product portfolio of Sunman Energy consists of the extensive eArche line, lightweight panels developed for installation on existing buildings and specific solar panels for mobile 12v solutions (such as boat, caravan and camping).

Good to know is that due to their special surface texture, the modules supplied by Proxables are not completely smooth. This results in an anti-glare effect and makes this solution ideal for installation on roofs and open-air surfaces that must be neither shiny nor reflect light or sun. For example near airports, but also in other locations where reflection can be experienced as a nuisance.


eArch feature lightweight

Through glass replacement and frame optimization, eArche 60% weighs less than conventional PV panels.

eArch feature flexible

eArche combines a unique, proprietary material with other leading technologies to produce a superior flexible crystalline-silicon panel that can be installed on a curved surface.

eArch feature efficient installation
Efficient installation

eArche can reduce installation costs to 50% through the use of redesigned components, ease of use and faster installation.

eArch property aesthetic

Aesthetically pleasing design with patented materials and an advanced manufacturing process result in a highly efficient, attractive panel, with no light pollution, PID-free operation and high safety levels.

eArch feature thin

The minimum thickness of the eArche line ranges from 2.0 mm frameless, making it ideal for vehicle applications.

eArch feature attachment methods

Various fastening methods are possible, such as gluing and screwing.

eArch feature pre-assembled

Plus 1KW systems are supplied pre-assembled and simplify installation resulting in a saving of labour time.

eArch property transport
Easily transportable

eArche's innovative frame and low weight significantly reduce transportation costs.

eArch feature sustainable

eArche panels are certified to withstand maximum test loads and stringent quality control ensures longevity.

eArch property customization

eArch can be assembled with construction materials in any shape, color, size and appearance.

Get to know the product families



Mono solar cell, frame thickness 5.6 mm.
Module groups SMD family:
Power 355-360 W 295-300 W
Cell Mono (6 inch) Mono (6 inch)
Number of cells 72 60
Dimensions 1979 x 1019 x 5.6 mm 1662 x 1019 x 5.6 mm
Weight 6.5 kg 5.5 kg
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Power 355-360 W 295-300 W
Cell Mono (6 inch) Mono (6 inch)
Number of cells 72 60
Dimensions 2007 x 1019 x 5.6 mm 1690 x 1019 x 5.6 mm
Weight 6.6 kg 5.6 kg
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Mono solar cell, frame thickness 35 mm.
Module groups SMA family:
Power 355-360 W 295-300 W
Cell Mono (6 inch) Mono (6 inch)
Number of cells 72 60
Dimensions 1955 x 955 x 35 mm 1638 x 995 x 35 mm
Weight 8.9 kg 7.6 kg
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Mono solar cell, laminate thickness 2.0, frameless.
SMFU SMF175M-4X09U SMF100S-4X09U SMF090S-4X08U
Power 175 W 100 W 90 W
Cell Mono (6 inch) Mono (5 inch) Mono (5 inch)
Number of cells 36 36 32
Dimensions 1504 x 673 x 2 mm 1219 x 546 x 2 mm 1092 x 546 x 2 mm
Weight 3.0 kg 1.8 kg 1.7 kg
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Mono solar cell, frame thickness 6.0 mm.

Retrofit market

Because of its lightness and flexibility, eArche can be integrated with the exterior of any building.

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Construction industry

Integration of eArche with different building materials for generating solar energy.

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Mobile Power

eArche is also easy to apply on trains, caravans and boat yachts.

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